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You can't be serious. The man is a dunce and a political pimp. What is he cosulting on, the width of bathroom stalls?

He just joins the rest of the Confederacy of Dunces in Tinsel town on the Potomac...Great country America huh?


Reamus: I understand that Craig wasn't liked when he was in the senate--by the republicans too--so who is stupid enough to hire him now? Yet he has clients. Go figure. And you are right about this country. Great, indeed. GMB

Sorghum Crow

If he's wearing tap shoes, run like hell...
He is a pathetic old geezer, I expect him to turn up as a Malwart greeter in Lesser Boise.


The article says that he has four clients already. Can you imagine the consultants that he beat?

I'm giggling and shitting, as the expression goes.




Resumes with manpix all fucking stuck together.


Larry's "firm" has a website:


Motto: "We'll Take Your Man To The Woodshed, er, Log KKKabin And Blow Him For You"


"new west strategies"? I can't even imagine.


Sorghum: Only if they warn everyone when he uses the men's room.
Tengrain: Amazing, no? I wonder if the other consultant was Bob Allen, the former Florida state legislator who offered an undercover cop $20 for the pleasure of blowing him. That's the only thing that makes sense. Particularly since I've read that Craig was not liked at all by his republican colleagues. Talk about flushing your money away.
JDM: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
dguzman: Obviously Larry has had to develop new strategies to find lads to blow. He hasn't been arrested in a while, so it must be working! GMB


When questioned about his business, Craig did not say, "I just starting out, and still getting my feet wet. For now, I'm tapping into my existing resources, biding my time until I'm able to get my foot in the door. One step at a time, baby. But before you know it, my competitors will be hearing footfalls, as I tiptoe my way onto center stall, I mean, stage."

He then went on to say, "Just to reassure my wife, I've told her several times, 'Honey, you have nothing to worry about. You're In All my plans'."


Kudos, fairlane. And welcome back, man. The place felt empty without you. GMB


maybe he is testing out the new pages for Mark Foley


I dunno, DCap. Craig seemed to prefer the hunky undercover cop type, not teens. GMB

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