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Good for you!

Keep us left-coasters informed. Pacific Coast Stock Exchange closed down years ago (and I'm not shitting you--it's a health club now), or I'd be doing the same thing here.




Ten: It's supposed to rain the next few days, so these kids are going to need support. They claim they are staying until their demands are met, and they are working together to get a full and complete list of demands. It's about time. GMB


Great that the cops keep 'em off the actual street, Masters gonna pay, I hope.


Post whatever you learn.

The MSM is studiously avoiding it, as they did with the tar sands arrests.

Tell me about the "liberal media" again, As somebody said if they had arrested a thousand Tea Baggers in front of the White House, it would have been the biggest story Gutenberg invented movable type.


bowtiejack: And Twitter isn't letting the tags rise to the top, just like they did to Wikileaks and Anonymous. Stupid. They are making themselves irrelevant, because there are other ways of finding information and if the big players won't provide it, enough people will figure it out and share and learn that the main stream anything is not to be trusted. GMB


I am watching Democracy Now and I haven't seen any coverage of this yet.

We had the Arab spring; let's have an American autumn!


dguzman: The mainstream media is purposefully not reporting this. They won't do a thing, etiher, until and unless some pretend anarchist tries to hit a cop or sets a trashcan on fire. But if a handful of teabagging assholes took over a park in protest? The fucking park could be seen from space because of all the klieg lights. Hate our media with a passion. GMB

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