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Hope they unionize, hope it's SEIU, hope O'Blowme - an admirer of RayGun - fucking fires them all.


Wow, JDM. I know you are strongly pro-union and, as a result, dislike the milquetoast SEIU, and I have to agree with you a million percent. That would be fabulous. Obama is seen for what he is, and a bunch of people who think it's ok to get paid to violate the 4th amendment every fucking day lose their jobs. And no, that's not harsh at all, it's the goddamn truth. GMB


I heard on the radio this morning that Kip Hawley, former TSA boss, thinks that existing screening procedures would have caught this bomb.

Still, that doesn't mean that the current TSA management won't try to use this as an excuse for some grotesque new invasion of our privacy. We shall see.

Didn't the Repubs rig the legislation that created the TSA -- back when they controlled the WH and all of Congress -- so that the workforce can't unionize?


Max: Look at my next post. Looks like the spooks are cutting out the middle men and are providing their own underwear bombers. As for Kip and the others, fuck them. The Israelis manage to screen without stripping people, and it's not like they are afraid to cross lines when they have to. GMB

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