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CNN stock is up then , huh?


Reamus: CNN is circling the drain, just like Fox will shortly--right around the time all those UK judgments have to be paid. Meanwhile, I'm right again but what do I have to show for it? I didn't even get a "I voted" sticker for my efforts today. GMB


Yes, but you will get $20!


Glad you won the bet. Now he has the chance to swing way left, do the stuff he claimed he would. Let's see if he does it.


Jenn: You could buy me lunch and feed it to me instead. Your call.
dguzman: Not holding my breath. That said, Wall Street is shitting on him today...bringing down the market...sob. I will believe he is a secret progressive only is he leaves SS and medicare alone (or gets rid of the SS cap...he won't), gets a real AG in who investigates and prosecutes Wall Street, stops with the fucking drones, and uses his bully pulpit to push universal health care. Oh, and alternative energy? Take the money from the Dept. of Defense and throw it at alternative energy research, implementation, upgrading buildings, build out more trains, etc. Sounds like a lot, but it isn't. So let's see. If he tries to do at least half I would be surprised. GMB

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