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Don't bother. It doesn't count - just window dressing for the Potemkin Village. Just lines you up to participate without compensation in the Great ameriKKKan Tort Lottery as a juror, anyway.


Reason #1: You get an "I Voted" sticker you can wear for the rest of the day. Just sayin'.


JDM: I'm leaning that way. Reading a book called "Freedom Manifesto"...meant as an amusement, but I think something more too. Long and short, the author suggests that one way to freedom is to ignore politics and to remember that the talentless in search of power enter politics as a career. Tells you all you need to know.
antoniomo: They don't give out "I voted" stickers in NY. Never got one. But if they did, I'm sure it would clash with my outfit. GMB


And your politics! :)


Antoniomo: Increasingly, yes. I recall that someone said that Washington D.C. was Hollywood for the ugly. Sadly, that seems to be the case. GMB

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