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You are, indeed, a dreamer.


Geez, those are swell names. Dint Carla Bruni call hers by (putatively) Sarko "Djanga Noturbabi Sarkozy"?


antoniomo: I'm blushing.
JDM: I thought it was Roma NotSarko-Cuckoldspawn. But I could be wrong. GMB


Either way, "History records the names of royal bastards but can't tell us the origin of wheat."


True, Grung e Gene, but really, other than hangers on who want to feel important, and indoctrinated school children, does anyone really give a shit? The only ones most people know either fucked up, died in an amusing way, or were killed for good or bad reason (as if it matters). The rest? Whatever. The self-appointed elites tell us the royal lineages are important, but they are only important if you care. One or two more generations, and those goddamn parasites might actually have to spend their own fucking money, for a change. GMB

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