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I have to say: a certain contingent of the left has been pre-complaining about this anticipated betrayal for months, if not years. And it still hasn't happened.

I'm not claiming to know whether it will or not. But I've read way too many "Obama is about to sell us out on Social Security!" sky-is-falling stories, filled with gloom, doom, and vitriol... and the predictions have never yet come to pass.

Frankly, I think it's a schtick perpetrated by certain journos and big-time lefty blogs (FDL, etc.). And they keep doing it, because their audience keeps coming back for another helping. It's clickbait.

If and when Social Security cuts DO happen, we'll have reason to complain. Till then, IMO, better to save our agita for bigger things, rather than reacting to rumors.


Max: The Simpson-Bowles commission exists because of Obama. Pelosi and Boehner fought it (b/c it was stepping on the house's dick) more than once. The Simpson-Bowles plans include chopping at the benefits by chaining CPI and raising age requirements, etc. Obama kept that filthy commission alive in the face of bipartisan opposition. Why? Oh, and Geithner, Sunstein, Summers, Orszag, and Lew. How is Orszag doing now that he is Vice Chairman of Global Banking at Citigroup? The list goes on. Obama gave a good speech. No surprise, he's good at that. Now let's see him act like a real liberal or progressive and shove real stimulus, military spending cuts, a real response to climate change, and other lefty ideas through congress by using his bully pulpit for good, and not to always lose when he "negotiates" with teh republicans. We get it. Better yet, how about he stops scuttling the actual progressives in congress? And I no longer read FDL. I just know that Simpson-Bowles does not have to exist but it did because of Obama. Just saying. GMB

P.S. And the reason for bitching before the cuts is to stop them from happening. That is, real lefties are trying to move the Overton window back to the left. It's not just the self-appointed elites and uber rich monsters who can use these tactics. Finally, my contributions to SS (along with my various employers) are greater than the amount in my 401k, even though I've being allowed to contribute to a 401k for over 15 years. Raising the age limits and chaining the CPI will effect my bottom line. This is about fairness and self-preservation.


O'Blowme is a punk ass kkkapo bitch. There's not one iota of exaggeration or hype in that remark.

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