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We get our veggies through a local CSA. Thinking about checking out the meat shares this year too. We're lucky to live in a place that values locally grown, organic food and makes it available via numerous outlets.


Sibling #5: I am going to the Union Sq. market tomorrow. Lots of farmers--more when the spring is finally here--veg, fruit, meat, cheese, yarn, etc. It's great. Except that it's now in every tourist guide and the place is packed with photo takers after 10:00 a.m. That said, I got the best potatoes at the market--la ratate, I believe they are called--a waxy French potato. Makes the best gratin. More importantly, I asked the farmer which potato I should use to make a gratin and he said "this one." I mean, you can ask what variety of veg you can/should use to make something and they actually know. Worth every cent. And my little nephew needs clean wholesome food. Kudos. GMB

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