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Vile little kakapo ass wrinkles , like the Babbitt unregistered Souhern California repububliKKKan tbogg.


Yep have followed Glen back in the day he wrote his own blog and good to see him at the last Great Newspaper hammering the clowns.


JDM: And isn't it reassuring to know that a Glenn Greenwald exists? And Matt Taibbi, and a few others. Not everyone is willing to be a whore.
jo6pac: He knows he is right. He is bright. He knows how to argue and how to write. He is a gift. GMB


Yes. And turds like tbogg, who made such a big thing about having his anonymity "outed" by rightists tears ago, now going out of his cheap, nasty way to publish personal details about Greenwald's life. Can't fail soon enough, pricks like him, the EmEssEm playas and their fdl proto NYT wannabes.


JDM: Tbogg isn't a player, not by a long shot. Best thing to do is to tell him he's a whore and leave. Didn't you say he gets paid by the click? No clicks means no money. fuck him. GMB

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