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agreed. I live here and I have to listen to everyone bang on about the royals...yuck.


Rockyann: I understand there are lots of Brits who are over the royals and would love to see an end to the class-bound focus in the UK, yes? I must admit to having friends who live in London, one of whom finds the whole thing charming or something (she's the Brit), the other thinks they are a travesty and should get real jobs and pay taxes like everyone else (she's French). Pretty clear which side I fall on. Offensive that we are supposed to give a shit about this one baby, screw the others. GMB


Bebe shod get the Nobel Peace Prize. If only so O 'Blow,e doesn't get it again.


JDM: No more Nobels for Obama. The Norwegians are embarrassed since he seems to love blowing up Pakistani farmers and turning them into red mist. Bad optics, you know. Sigh. GMB

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