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When it's ALWAYS SSDD, must be very hard to write about it. Will miss you.


I understand your feelings completely. As someone who grew up in the 1960s who protested many outrages but most of all the Vietnam war I simply cannot believe what we have come to today. Where is the outrage? The protests? I remember Occupy Congress and the sit in in the halls and marching on Washington by the hundreds of thousands.

I have followed you, a kindred spirit. I admire you greatly through your writings. I understand but will miss you. I hope for all our sakes that things will change


Thanks, JDM.

Thanks, BamaGuy1024. Thing is, the rest will catch up eventually, but the fact that they are taking so long makes me start to dislike and mistrust them. We can see what's going on. Can they honestly claim they do not? I hate being a Cassandra. At the end of the day, right after *they* admit you were right, they ignore the next thing. I don't know what comes next, but I think we need to be very nimble. GMB

Antonio Cutolo-Ring

I've enjoyed your blog and will miss it. At the same time, I can surely appreciate you're tired of posting about the unending hypocrisies that constitute "the American way of life" (thank you, Dick Cheney)

I wish you well. And thanks for the clever ways you've pointed out and commented on the outrages going on around and through us.



Thank you, Antoniomo. On the one hand, the blog let me vent and meet interesting people. But I think we all know what's wrong. The question now is how to fix things....if that is possible. I have some ideas. Relatively passive ideas taht people can do that collectively would shake things up. Like convince and shame people into paying with cash so that the big banks make less, small businesses make more, and the fucking government (and marketers) don't know everything about you. I also was thinking about how we can get poeple who use the internet a lot--holds hand up--to cut back in order to convince the big players (google, apple, etc) that they ahve to take the lead against the NSA abuses. If 10% of heavy users agreed to do something else for 10% of their time, some of those companies would feel it. This blog is/was too small to get those ideas out there. So now I'm thinking about the next step. Any suggestions would be appreciated. GMB


We miss you GMB.


Thanks, Jenn. But we still have the meat world, no? Hope you are having a swell weekend.

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